From an idea of Concetta Lorenzo and Serena Natali, a new collection of jewellery for the body, precious caresses, secret lines that run through the wearer.

Liée: a reminder of a bond, to be understood as the intimate relationship of pleasure that every woman lives with her jewel, with her body, with her love, with life.

The designers have a meaningful perception of design as a continuous exploration of the manipulation of the shapes and, therefore, of the interaction of these forms with the body which is the real protagonist.

Jewels for the body, in fact, bearers of sensuality, of gestures, lights that become precious and dreamy frames, jewels to hide for an intimate pleasure or to wear on dresses or swimsuits.

A combination of impalpable wires and stones, delicacy and strength, positive and negative, an idea of sensual armour, precious adornment for a body more extraordinary than ever.

All the pieces of the collection are proudly and skillfully hand made in Italy in a combination of Sterling Silver 925°°°/ rose Gold plated Sterling Silver 925°°°/ burnished Silver 925°°° and semi-precious stones, it's also available a limited edition in 18kt Gold.

Liée's vision is to combine the high quality of beauty and timeless handcrafted jewellery with a versatile design, competitive prices and style consciousness.