Gemmae Aureae 

Wondering what is that gives preciosity to a stone: the light that could go through it or the fact itself that the stone reflects the light.
The gold, that origins as soft chemical material, meets the geometries, strict form is expressed in full volumes that have the force of "stones", in fact.
The jewel in its essence is physically imposing, as gold, it relates to other items returning to us their better reflection: a light that breaks up into many colours and reassembles in a strong and deep glow that causes a rain of glows which lights up the night, makes clearer the day, makes plus real the beloved face.
The warmth of gold’s tones are reassuring, colour accomplices who play shades to soften
the edges and inclined planes, which do not become dangerous, but are revealed in a
sweet balance given the embrace of a chain almost imperceptible and with perfect
The material becomes light, loves it and returns it to us with mathematical method and we are able to interpret its rules through the senses.